Your Donation Makes a Difference in the Lives of Veterans Who Have Served Us.


Team AMVETS™ Department of California Service Foundation supports, promotes and defends the rights of California Veterans, their families and communities where they live. Team AMVETS™ provides support through Post and Department programs and grants to other organizations that serve and assist Veterans. Through sale of your charity donated goods to the Team AMVETS™ Thrift Stores, the Service Foundation is able to enlist a corps of Service Officers who are trained and certified in helping California Veterans gain access to their Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits at no cost to the Veteran.

It is the collected efforts of the Team AMVETS™ Department of California Service Foundation, the Team AMVETS™ Department of California, the TEAM AMVETS™ Thrift Stores and the support of the community as a whole that defines Team AMVETS™. Team AMVETS™, as part of the greater National AMVETS organization, strives to bring the people of this State together for one goal: Serving the needs of Californian Veterans.



Our mission is to provide support for the Team AMVETS™ Department of California and to ensure resources are available to the men and women who have served our great nation, and to enhance the mental, physical and social well-being of all Veterans in California.

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